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"A cu."

Can keep your skin healthy and glowing for years to come.
To keep your skin healthy and shine forever.
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Moist gel

Moist gel

Gel pack

Gel pack

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Active bottle

Active bottle


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Active bottle

Active bottle


"A cu." Moist gel (200ml)

An all-in-one type beauty essence with high moisturizing and whitening power.

This one increases the water retention capacity of the stratum corneum and traps the active ingredient.

Moisturizing skin aging care.

What is needed for the skin is skin moisture. A moisturizing gel that balances the water in the stratum corneum. Lotions, serums, moisturizing gels, and foundations for busy women have been combined into one, focusing on ease of use (three ways to use according to the scene) and skin-beautifying effects.

* Human oligopeptide-1 (h-EGF) (epidermal growth factor) : h-EGF, which has the ability to support cell proliferation, regulates the texture of the skin and controls sebum.

* Hibiscus leaf (natural high moisturizing ingredient) : While removing the dullness of the skin, the hibiscus leaf derived from natural plants gently supports the dryness of the skin and keeps it moisturized.

[Tips] The most important thing to maintain healthy and beautiful skin is the water retention capacity of the stratum corneum. Outstanding moisturizing power due to the combination of plant components for increasing the water content of the epidermis and water retention and the cell regeneration factor EGF that promotes normal division and regeneration of skin cells and activates cell tissues. Was realized. In addition, it is an all-in-one type gel that has excellent whitening effect and protects the skin, so it can also be used as a base.

【how to use】

(1) Estimated amount to be applied at one time Apply 2/3 push amount slowly and carefully while warming with the palm of your hand, with the image of penetrating into the skin.

(2) If the moisture on the surface of the skin permeates less and the skin sticks to your hands, use method (1) only once or repeatedly as described below.

・ Smooth and moisturizing ・ I'm not good at stickiness ...

・ Moisturizing, oily skin, summer season ... Carefully use once or twice

・ Firmly moisturizes ・ Dry skin ・ I'm worried about rough skin ・ Winter season ... Carefully use 2 to 3 times

"A cu." Gel pack (200ml)

Achieves clear, fresh and delicate skin in a short pack. Please experience the excitement.

A pack that removes excess sebum, moisturizes, gives skin firmness and elasticity, and has a beautiful skin and tightening effect.

By the synergistic effect with the plant extract various components, including the Yoshino cherry tree leaf extract, to restore the normal function of the original skin, aging skin, age spots, wrinkles, is a pack that can also be used towards the worries of what kind of skin such as sagging .. It also moisturizes the skin and prevents rough skin. It is also recommended for people with sensitive skin.

[Tips] Packing is effective for weakened and tired skin. A pack that enhances skin resilience and can be used for any skin problems. The pack raises the skin temperature by blocking it from the outside air and promotes blood circulation. Since it is a pack that can be massaged, the penetration power is further enhanced and immediate effect can be expected. In addition, a plant extract containing Yoshino cherry leaf extract to improve the wrinkles that appear on the epidermis due to hardening and denaturation of the dermis layer is used regularly due to the synergistic effect with various ingredients to create a smooth and beautiful firmness. Makes a certain bare skin.

【how to use】

(1) After washing your face, apply it to your face and pack for 10 minutes.

(2) A high-performance pack that can be used to loosen facial muscles and provide skin care such as small face, lift-up, and blood flow improvement by massaging the face at the same time as the pack.

* It is recommended to use it while soaking in the bathtub.

(3) After packing, rinse with hot water and tighten the skin and pores with cold water.

* Can be used on the whole body, and is also recommended for areas where dryness and rough skin are a concern, and for arms, décolletage, and back that expose bare skin.

"A cu." Active bottle (80 ml)

Fashionable, fun and cool! A bottle with the concept of enjoying cosmetics!

An active bottle that can be refilled and carried anywhere!

* Acu. Dedicated bottle. Do not put any products other than Acu. Depending on the ingredients, the container may spoil and some irregular ingredients may be mixed.

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