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Privacy Policy

Accupa Acupuncture and Moxibustion Institute handles personal information based on the "Personal Information Protection Policy" and operates in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.
The way of thinking about personal information is described below.
Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, we believe that it is our social responsibility to use and protect it appropriately, and we promise to strive to protect personal information.

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information is information about an individual, such as name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, work place, etc. that can identify a specific individual.

2. Collection and use of personal information

After confirming the purpose of use by the customer, we ask you to register your personal information. Personal information registered by customers will be strictly managed by this hospital so that unauthorized access, loss, destruction, leakage, etc. will not occur.
The registered personal information will be used by our shop to provide better service. In addition to the purpose of inquiries from our hospital, which is necessary for business execution, we use it for the purpose of gathering opinions for improving services, questionnaires, etc., as well as information on campaigns, new services, new stores, etc. as new information from our shop. I will do it.

3. Disclosure and provision of personal information

The registered personal information will be strictly managed. We will not disclose or provide it to a third party without the consent of the person who registered it, unless it is based on laws and regulations or for a legitimate reason such as the case described below.

・ When our shop determines that your actions will be disadvantageous to a third party (this includes exchanging information with other companies for fraud damage countermeasures and credit risk countermeasures).

・ When requested by the police, courts, public prosecutors office, or similar public institutions.

・ When there is an urgent need for human life, body, property, etc.

4. Responsibility for supervision of contractors

Our hospital may provide a part of personal information to an external contractor in order to carry out business such as providing services to customers. In that case, we will manage the outsourced business so that it handles personal information appropriately.

5. Inquiry / correction / deletion of personal information

If the customer wishes to inquire, change, correct, or delete the personal information provided to this hospital, we will confirm that he / she is the person himself / herself, respect the customer's intention, and be rational. We will take necessary measures within the scope of the above.

6. Contact us

For inquiries, disclosure requests, or comments regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at tel: 03-6450-4010.

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