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An all-in-one type lotion with high moisturizing and whitening power.

A moisturizing gel that balances the water in the stratum corneum. Lotion, serum, moisturizing gel, and base are combined into one, and we are particular about ease of use (three ways to use) and skin-beautifying effect.

* Human oligopeptide-1 (h-EGF) (Nobel Prize-winning ingredient): h-EGF, which has the power to support cell proliferation, regulates the texture of the skin and controls sebum. Also known as: epidermal growth factor

* Hibiscus leaf (award-winning ingredient recommended by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology): While removing dullness of the skin, hibiscus leaf derived from natural plants gently supports the dryness of the skin and keeps it moisturized.

【how to use】

(1) Estimated amount to be applied at one time Apply 2/3 push amount slowly and gently while warming with the palm of your hand, with the image of penetrating into your skin.

⑵ If the moisture on the surface of the skin permeates less and the skin gets stuck on your hands, use method ⑴ only once or repeatedly as described below.

・ Smooth and moisturizing ・ I'm not good at stickiness ...

・ Moisturizing, oily skin, summer season ... Carefully use once or twice

・ Firmly moisturizes ・ Dry skin ・ I'm worried about rough skin ・ Winter season ... Carefully use 2 to 3 times

"Acu." Moist gel 200ml

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  • "Acu." Moist gel 200ml [Ingredients] Water, propanediol, glycerin, methylglyces-10, human recombinant oligopeptide-1, betaine, trehalose, biosaccharide gum-1, chlorella extract, kudzu root extract, aloe vera leaf extract , Soybean seed extract, Ogon root extract, Hibiscus flower extract, Perilla leaf extract, Placenta extract, Saccharomyces lysate extract, PCA-Na, Sorbitol, Serine, Glycine, Glutamic acid, Alanine, Lysine, Arginine, Treonine, Proline, Na hyaluronate , Water-soluble collagen, mannitol, carbomer, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, K hydroxide, methylparaben [Contents] 200ml

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