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A popular and easy pack for small face massage!

Achieves fresh, fine skin with a short pack.

A pack that removes excess sebum, moisturizes, gives skin firmness and elasticity, and has a beautiful skin and tightening effect.

Packing is effective for weakened and tired skin. Increases skin resilience, moisturizes and at the same time rough skin

It also works to prevent skin problems and can be used for any skin problems.

* Yoshino cherry leaf extract: The synergistic effect with various ingredients restores the normal function of the skin, and is recommended for people with aging skin, age spots, wrinkles, and sagging.

【how to use】

⑴ After washing your face, apply it to your face and pack for 10 minutes.

⑵ A high-performance pack that can be used to loosen facial muscles and provide skin care such as small face, lift-up, and blood flow improvement by massaging the face at the same time as the pack.

* It is recommended to use it while soaking in the bathtub.

⑶ After packing, rinse with hot water and tighten the skin and pores with water.

* Can be used on the whole body, and is also recommended for areas where dryness and rough skin are a concern, and for arms, décolletage, and back that expose bare skin.

『Acu.』Gel pack 200ml

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  • "Acu." Gel pack 200ml [Ingredients] Water, BG, glycerin, PEG-32, betaine, sorbitol, laures-10, soybean seed extract, carbomer, Someiyoshino leaf extract, Usbasaicin root extract, Kanzo root extract, Na hyaluronate , PCA-Na, tocopherol, retinol palmitate, grape leaf extract, placenta extract, dokudami extract, corn oil, tuberose polysaccharide, aloe vera leaf extract, kudzu root extract, chlorella extract, olive oil, PEG-20 sorbitan cocoate, PEG-6, K hydroxide, ethanol, methylparaben [Contents] 200 ml

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